linear bearings

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Linear motion is the most basic of all motion. Linear ball bearings provide linear movement in one direction.A roller bearing, carries a load by placing rolling balls or rollers between two bearing rings called races. These bearings are comprised of an outer ring and several rows of balls retained by cages. Roller bearings are manufactured in two styles: ball slides and roller slides.

A profile rail’s performance comes from its inherent shape and through precise grinding of the rail ball tracks. The race on which the balls ride in the rail and carriage is only slightly larger in radius than the balls themselves. This geometry cradles the balls as they flatten slightly under load, which expands the contact area between them and the race and results in high load capacity. Substituting cylindrical rollers for ball bearings can roughly double load capacity in the same sized package.

INA KTSO25-PP-AS linear bearings

11.2 kN 84 mm
66 mm 25 mm

Samick LMKM10UU linear bearings

15.9 mm 11.2 kN
90 mm 28.58 mm

Samick LMHP13LUU linear bearings

CN 3
3.5 mm 1.5 mm

Samick LMEF16L linear bearings

70 mm 1.5 mm
125 mm 1.14 kg

Samick LMBS8OP linear bearings

148 mm 100 °C
-20 °C 181 mm

Samick LMK30UU linear bearings

0.43 Hz 41 mm
15 mm 0.4

Samick LMEK40L linear bearings

63 mm 6,000 rpm
76 kN 4,500 rpm

Samick SC50WN-B linear bearings

-20 °C 34.2 mm
M10x1 64.35 mm

Samick LMK50L linear bearings

49.2 mm 67.2 mm
FL210N- 42.9 mm

Samick LMKP13L linear bearings

3.56 13.33 Hz
7.9 kg 958 kN